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Harry Yu 俞子由


 1933年出生于上海。 曾歷任溫哥華藝術家協會理事、  中華文化藝術總會理事及副會長。曾在堅盛頓社區教授中國水墨畫,又曾于烈治文  教育局教授中國水墨畫,  曾多次在上海柳洲及加拿大開個人畫展。近年耒在家教國畫。

Harry Yu was born in 1933 Shanghai, China. He was the former Vice President of CAAC and Director of the Chinese Canadian Artists Federation in Vancouver. He is currently the Board Director of Chinese Artists Association of Canada. Harry Yu was a Chinese traditional landscape and floral painting instructor. Giving lessons at Kensington Community Centre and Richmond School Board and has holding many solo exhibitions in China and Canada.

黄山春宵 1
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