Membership 申請入會條件 和請展覽表格



會員評判準: 具備以下三個條件之一即可申請加入本會

  1. 具有較高的藝術創作水平

  2. 在理論研究方面有較高水準

  3. 從事藝術編輯,策展,教育等工作,成績卓越

Application Requirements

Chinese Artists Association of Canada is recruiting new members. Anyone graduated from art school, is an artistic or an experts are welcome to join the association. Here will endorse and assist in the development of the work of the conference or special contributions, may become honorary members of the Council.

Member Evaluation criteria: have one of the following three conditions can apply to join our association

1. Have a high artistic level

2. A higher level in the study of theory

3. Knowledge in the arts, curatorial, education, etc., or outstanding achievements



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