Asia Yeh 葉玉霞 


葉玉霞台灣台北市人,國立藝專攻研西畫, 先後師事吳棟材、陳銀輝學習油畫。除教學外, 多次舉行個展、聯展、師生展。目前旅居本那比, 從事油畫、鉛筆素描教學數十年,於温哥華社區學院兒童繪畫班教學十餘年,現為温哥華華人藝術家協會會員,加拿大中華文化藝術總會會員,加西台灣藝術家理事. 對藝術的熱愛仍然不變,獻身藝術的决志依然執着。 “將藝術人生化, 人生藝術化”, 是一件既容易卻複雜的工作。 是一種非常寶貴的經驗, 尤其是當一個人能夠以寧靜的心境及藝術家的洞察力, 在日常生活的煩惱和壓力中來領會人生真正的 “真、善、美”,這是一件珍貴的心靈之旅。


Asia Yeh is originally from Taiwan. She graduated from the National Academy of Arts, specializing in Western painting. She studied oil painting from Wu Dong-choi and Chen Yin-fai. She has taught art for many years, and has held numerous solo and group exhibitions as well as exhibitions with her students. In her fourteen years of residing in Vancouver, she has continued to devote her time in art education, mainly teaching oil painting and pencil drawing at the Vancouver Community College. She holds steadfast onto her passion and commitment towards art. "Weather is to reflect life in arts or to live an artistic life, is uneasy, but a rather complicated task," says Asian. "But it is an invaluable experience to be able to live through the mundane and busy life with serenity and actualization of truth, kindness and beauty is the greatest journey of the soul."

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