Nancy Wong, is a graphic designer and painter. She grew up in Vancouver, Canada where she studied Communication Design at the Emily Carr University Of Art And Design. As a painter she choose to express her greatest inspiration, Nature, especially where it is simple, humble and unassuming. Nature has taught her to slow down.

She did her first solo an exhibition in 2008 "Hidden Beauty" and Double Happiness" - Bamboo of the World. 


Bamboo is a common term for a large number of giant grass that include many different species and varieties. They vary in size, height, texture, shape, and colour. They are extremely beautiful and some are known as the giants of the forest. They are decorative and useful. In many parts of the world it is food. It is also an ecologic friendly building material.


We are recognizing the limited resources of the planet, and are looking towards materials that can be replenished. The bamboo is one of them.


This magical grass has inspired Nancy in more ways then one. In fact, she dedicated her first-ever exhibition to it.

She continues to explore with Acrylic medium as well as work on comissions. In 2017, she did her biggest two-storey high mural titled “Birds in Paradise”. 

Nancy deals with colors with great sensitivity. She explores depth through a subtle play of light and shadow. This gives her paintings a dimension where beauty shyly reveals itself.


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