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Mimi Hui Pak 白許芷輝

白許芷輝 女仕, 又號芷君, 出自書香門第, 頗得家風, 年幼時繪畫己是屢次獲獎。早年留學英國 (Bristol Polytechnic University Of Britain) 藝術大專供讀服裝繪畫設計,技術製作, 名列前茅, 並以優異成績四年課程, 三年完成畢業。後從事時裝及室內設計,曾任倫敦皇家設計公司, 在香港 期間多次榮獲設計大獎, 法國時裝展出, 義大利, 紐約, 阿拉伯, 德洲 , 多倫多, 中國等等, 名洋四海, 頗受藝界及媒體讚賞。夾藝之精。 精研中國詩詞, 國畫, 書法作品, 並參加多次展出。在温哥列 治文開設門市設計陳例工作室, 盡情投入發揮多方面藝術精華。此次以新創作皆因芷輝特別喜愛珠寶與花因次亦以“珠寶與花的蒙娜麗莎”展出。

Mimi Hui Pak was born into a very well known family. Under the guidance of her parents, she developed into someone that excels in various forms of artistic expressions and interests. Of her many talents, her favourite is painting. In 1974, she finished a four year fashion design course in three years time from the Faculty of Art & Design in Bristol Polytechnic University of Britain. With her honour degree she went back to Hong Kong to further her career in fashion design and has since won many awards and interviews and exhibitions in various countries. Mimi developed her unique form of Interior Design and her own style of painting. She has also opened her fashion & art studio in Richmond.
She loves flowers & jewelry designs and that's the reason they were both featured in her most recent creative version of "Jewelry & Flower’s Mona Lisa”.



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