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Sandy-Huang 黃子玲

Sandy Huang was born in Taiwan and developed a passionate interest in traditional Chinese arts at a very young age. She immigrated to Vancouver, Canada in 1999. In 2002, she began to study oil painting under Zhang Wan Li and has held many art exhibitions together with her master. Sandy was granted the CAAC Entrance Award in 2004. She is the Treasurer and Vice-President of CAAC 2008-2012.


黃子玲出生於台灣,自幼愛好藝術,於1999年移居加拿大溫哥華。2002年拜張萬里老師習畫,繪畫過程中逐漸形成自己的獨特風格,曾多次參加師生展 、畫會畫展。 2004年獲中華文化藝術總會入選獎。  現為加拿大中華文化藝術總會副會長兼管財務 2008-2012 。

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