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Wai-Han Cheung 張惠嫻


張惠嫻出生於香港, 1979年修業於香港美術專科學校并於1985年香港中文大學校外繪畫文憑課程畢業。1991年與華人現代藝術研究會會長林高慧美女士合作成立 “正彥” 畫苑。 多次参加香港、溫哥華各藝術團體聯展, 96、07、08年分別在美國鶴亭軒藝廊, 温哥華台灣文化協辦及烈治文圖書館舉辦個展.1996年榮獲加拿大卑斯省藝術家協會 “榮譽獎”。

Wai-Han Cheung, born in Hong Kong and graduated in 1985 from the Hong Kong Fine Arts School and the Chinese University of Hong Kong department of Extramural Studies. In 1991 joined Chinese Zhang Yang At Club with Ms. Kao Hui Mei. She has held a solo exhibition as well as participated in several joint exhibitions. Her work has received Honorary Awards in the 1996 F.A.C.C show.

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