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詩詩繪畫興趣開始在4歲時. 從那時起,家人鼓勵她跟幾個不同的藝術大師學習,



CiCi Yim is Canadian born Chinese-Hong Kong Artist 
who is passionate about using vibrant colours on her canvas.
 She graduated from University of British Columbia 
with a bachelors of Psychology.  Her love of Victorian architecture, 
european musicals and classy english accent, 
led her to further her studies in United Kingdom,
 where she completed her Masters of business administration.  
Her colourful artwork represents her enthusiasm and optimistic nature in life. 
CiCi’s interest in drawing began at the age of four where
 she enjoyed doodling on restaurant napkins whenever 
she had a chance. Since then,
 CiCi’s family members encouraged her to learn
 from several master artists to help her explore
 different styles of drawing and painting.  
Having lived and experienced the polar east and west sides 
of beautiful Vancouver city, 
CiCi attended Lord Nelson Elementary and
 Eric Hamber Secondary School.
  CiCi claims that, “painting calms my soul, 
grounds my heart and provides clear direction.”
  Her paintings reflect her state of mind at
 that moment in time and places greater emphasis
 into the title of her artworks.  Recently she has been
 learning Chinese painting under Aixinjueluo Yu Ting. 
 One of her first Chinese paintings entitled 
‘Canadian Eagle in the Woods’ has been on display in several
 art galleries.   In 2015, CiCi was awarded outstanding 
women in Vancouver.  She is the founder of Canadian Institute
 of Jewellery & Design, director of Ultimate 24K Gold Co.
 and a member of the Chinese Canadian Artists association.