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Sheila-Lin 林玲妃

Sheila Lin was born in Taiwan. She, along with her family, emigrated from Taiwan to Canada in 1993, where she became a fulltime housewife abandoning her old occupation in the airline industry. Initially, Sheila Lin took interest in Chinese watercolour painting and learned from Taiwanese artist Anne Chiang. Years later, she began to learn the methods of oil painting with Chinese painter Wang-Li Zhang. From these two artists of different backgrounds, she gained knowledge of diverse painting techniques and her subsequent works of art reflected this newfound depth of knowledge. Among all the subjects and themes, she prefers capturing scenes of nature and believes that through nature, numerous emotions can be symbolized and portrayed. Her passion for art has no bounds; however, she is most grateful that through her ardent fervour for art, she has been blessed by the opportunity to meet many new, long-lasting friends.

林玲妃生於台灣,1993年全家移民到加拿大。相夫教子,閒情逸致, 她開始從師台灣藝術家蔣安, 學習國畫。後又從師張萬里老師學習油畫。中西藝術的燻陶, 使她受益匪淺。林玲妃的創作以自然題材為主,用自然來表達心聲。對 藝術的熱愛, 也讓林玲妃 結識了許多志同道合的好朋友。

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