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Tsou-Yung Adela Sun 曹容


原藉江蘇省青浦縣。生於四川受教於台灣而後定居香港。1987年移民溫哥華。1989年拜周士心教授學習吴門畫派花鳥、山水及黎沃文老師學習書法。現為加拿大溫哥華華人藝術家協會、加拿大文化藝術協會、烈治文華人書畫協會及青雲畫會會員。 從1995年開始参加各會多次聯展。2002年榮獲温哥華文化中心 “跳躍” 畫展入圍評審獎。


Originated from Qingpu County of Jiangsu Province, Tsou Yung (Adela Sun) was born in Szechuan, raised in Taiwan then settled in Hong Kong. She immigrated to Vancouver in 1987. In 1989 she began receiving Chinese blush painting and Chinese calligraphy lessons from Professor Johnson Chow and Mr. Lai Yuk Man respectively. Adela currently holds membership with the Chinese Canadian Artists Federation in Vancouver, the Chinese Artists Association in Canada, the Richmond Artists Guild and the Blue Cloud Artists Association. Since 1995, Adela actively participated in various annual exhibitions. In 2002, Adela received the Jury Prize from the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver's "In Motion" Awarded Artist Joint Exhibition.

荷塘逸清 a
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