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周有才先生河南人士。 自幼就很喜欢文学艺术,高中时期开始拜师学习绘画。 2013年参加北京大学何加林中国山水画进修班学习;后来跟随中央美术学院王世永老师学习国画。我的优秀作品经常在信阳《红城书画报》上刊登。多次参加国内书画展,2016年有三幅作品在加拿大中華文化藝術總會秋季画展中展出。现在是信阳市美协会员;加拿大中華文化藝術总会永久会员。

Zhou, YouCai from Henan, China.
I like studying Chinese literature and art since childhood. I began my journey as an artist during my high school years.  In 2013, I attended Beijing University to continued studying painting from a well-known teacher He Jialin. Afterwards, I studied under Wang Shi Yong who is part of China Central Academy of Fine Arts to learn traditional Chinese Painting. I exhibit my artworks which were published in XinYang “Red City Painting and Calligraphy” in China. In 2016 of autumn, I have presented three artworks that were exhibited both in Canada and China. I am currently an active member of Xinyang City Artist Association of China and Chinese Culture & Arts Association of Canada.

2017-2018.director of the Chinese Artists Association of Canada.